We’re buzzing around town to all sorts of fun events. 

Birthday parties, troop events, corporate parties, senior centers...we’re doing it all.


Pottery Painting is happening everywhere!

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Kids LOVE to paint pottery.  Both boys and girls will have fun at our pottery parties.  Each child has the thrill of knowing they’ve created something special to keep!

Painting Pottery isn’t just for kids.  Adults LOVE it too!  Why not make your party, Mom’s night out, and other events unique and fun?

Looking for a fun badge project?  We can come to your troop meeting and bring pottery to paint or clay to create with.  No need to find another night when everyone can get together!

Do you need a team building event, reward for a job well done, or a group gift?  We can help you out!  We can bring everything right to your business or meet up at one of our party locations.